1st test of Green manure


Show March to September. A valuable, quick growing hardy annual green manure. Can be used as summer/autumn manure or over winter.ย  The foliage smothers weeds and the root improves the soil. The flower attracts bees and other beneficial insects. Carpet growth to surpress weeds.
I’m going to grow in it. Runners beans and courgettes I hope.

It’s moving through


Want to go to the plot but storm Katie might have put a stop to that today. Off to sunny Portugal on Wednesday so I want to get as much done before I go!
Have planted jersulselum artichokes in boxes to contain them and use as a barrier on the plot. Really aching as me and F&B went to collect a free trailer load of mud (good mud from a greenhouse) for my plot. Very excited as I now have a netted raised bed for my salad etc. I have also added some more soil to my beds which are a little flat.


Really pleased with my strawberry bed which has my white strawberry plant in it. Doubling up with the lovely perpetual spring onion plants given to me that morning. I did eat one while digging…they were lovely. 
So it’s off to garden centre this morning to get chives to grow with my carrots.
(*listen to me, I sound like and expert! :mrgreen:🌱)

Watching “Sowing lots of different Squash – Claire’s Allotment – Part 295” on YouTube

Claire (my allotment guru) showing me how to start my squash off…. now I would never have put the seeds on their side.
I’ve only gone and started a Pumpkin fun grow off on our allotments! ๐ŸŽƒ

Planting of seed goes in on April 1st and I can see it now …. I’ll be the fool as last year none of my squashes grew or produced any fruit!