Another Village show….

So proud of myself. Never entered any of my produce into these village shows. Today I entered a gem squash and my chilli ….. only went and got a First. 

Think it’s all about entering really but it is fun when you see a card next to your hard growing and know someone else appreciates your produce. 


All change…..

Moving. I’m on the move. My lovely plot, which has given me a great start is now being left behind. I am moving to a bigger plot which is a complete blank canvas.

Exciting times ahead.Can’t wait to share the journey.

This is the most exciting change in my garden…. my very own greenhouse has been built. I’m soooo excited.


Sooooo excited….

For along time I have looked at a dismantaled green house and not a clue how to put it back together…. so now I have used lots of coloured spots and dismantled it and now ready to build with the help of coloured dots. Can not wait to start planting seeds.