Let the chitting begin.

I was so unaware, when visiting a National Trust house last summer, that these potatoes are infact jersery royals but can only be called that if grown in Jersey…. so they are called International Kidneys…. but looking forward to trying them after Ive grown them. 

A friend gave me Pink Fir apples – loved them so ordered these. I want to plant in allotment but tempted to put in potato bags – might do both to see what happens. 

Let the season begin…… 

New to me….

Anya seed potatoes just arrived ready for chitting.

Bred from the famed Pink Fir Apple, this outstanding variety is ready to harvest around 3 months earlier, so there is no need to wait for those firm, waxy tubers with that distinctive, rather nutty taste. Anyaโ€™s tubers are also smoother and much less knobbly perfect served peeled or unpeeled, hot or cold.  Plants are highly resistant to scab. An Albert Bartlett variety.