Slightly taken over

Having visited the beautiful St. IVES recently, I’m giving it a go at building a beach hut in my garden…. Its is taking up my time at the moment. It also means I’m living in a real mess but also finding so many things to buy to put in it.

So I have bought Costal mist paint…

And have been painting everything I can…. Every single piece of wood so far is recycled. Sheds and pallets.

I’m so excited….. I’m also thinking I have to have a window box with little daffs – thinking what veg can I get in there. Window came off the allotment skip.

The beginning of the journey….

Watch this space ❤️

Managed to plant some seeds into my salad bed in the garden.

Red spring onions, little gem lettuce and peas for pea shoots in my salad. Radish next and Thai basil which I discovered last year and is gorgeous in salads.

Bring on the 🌞

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