Allotment Community

❤️😀😀 ❤️just love the all allotment community. Went there yesterday meeting up with a new tenant.

collected lots of free plants donated by others ….. So I’ve planted 12 purple sprouting broccoli plants about 10 inches tall, I’ve  planted 10 lettuce plants in my new raised bed with a net on the top to stop the pigeons and also came home with six beautiful duck eggs I so love the allotment Community.

i am just debating whether or not to plant a beautiful small plum tree on the plot.

Weekend sowing

As a teacher I really benefit the holidays to spend time up the lottie…. however I have just spent these holidays running Easter school – now I’m gonna have a weekend of sowing.

I want to sort my potatoes into sacks bought specially, sow my competition pumpkin seed,transplant my chilli plants into individual pots, sow sweetcorn and sorting out my delivery of top soil…… oh I hope the weather is going to be good tomorrow.

🐌🐌🐌trying out nemitoads this year to see if that helps with slugs🐌🐌🐌 but not yet! But they arrived yesterday.

🌱🌻🌼 come on sunshine no more 💧☔💧 please.