It’s moving through


Want to go to the plot but storm Katie might have put a stop to that today. Off to sunny Portugal on Wednesday so I want to get as much done before I go!
Have planted jersulselum artichokes in boxes to contain them and use as a barrier on the plot. Really aching as me and F&B went to collect a free trailer load of mud (good mud from a greenhouse) for my plot. Very excited as I now have a netted raised bed for my salad etc. I have also added some more soil to my beds which are a little flat.


Really pleased with my strawberry bed which has my white strawberry plant in it. Doubling up with the lovely perpetual spring onion plants given to me that morning. I did eat one while digging…they were lovely. 
So it’s off to garden centre this morning to get chives to grow with my carrots.
(*listen to me, I sound like and expert! :mrgreen:🌱)


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