So wet….

Due to the wet weather, and moving to New plot…. I’m getting frustrated with not having anything planted so….

So did a bit more… Spread muck all over the plot. Moved the compost bin and moved the contents aswell so not stuck in the middle of the plot. Added more wood chip to fruit bushes.

Then spread chicken pellets all over the asparagus bed and in readiness for strawberries.

Exhausting day as then came home and spend some time planting. Weirdly think some seeds must have escaped into my compost….these are tomatoes but look like reddish.

Planted beans, peas, sweetcorn (mini ones), sweet peas, cauliflower and some edameme beans. So bring on the heatwave next week! Coming along nicely.

Them home to make goats cheese!


Laying g the paths

Got the bean sticks in ready and covered half the plot in readiness of a load of pallets being delivered to the site.

Got broad beans in and cleared some weeds and a ton of snails. Laid my asparagus bed…. 1 year old plants so should have some nice asparagus in a year !!!! We I be able to resist it?

Getting there…. Them speed for a community cuppa.

Ready for 26a….

Finally had time to plant some seeds…..

Planted too many tomatoes but want to try lots of different varieties this year. Had a successful year with piccolo last year from shop bought tomatoes and dried the seeds.

Going to grow edameme beans this year too as I buy them from supermarket and thought!!!!! WHY? SO THEY ARE SOWN. This year I have electric to the green house so propagators are plugged in to protect them.

Cat quite likes greenhouse too!

Must have clear up in greenhouse ready for the season.

Bring on the spring.

Fruit bushes flourishing – raspberries, josterberry, spineless gooseberries, autumn gold raspberry, new rhubarb, blackcurrant and honey berries.

Come on spring….. Im ready!