Sweet sweet treats

Went out last night with a group of special friends. One of those people has an allotment….tasted these for the first time, and I was wondering what to do with all those spare cucumbers. ย  Found the recipe from Delia.

Delia sweet pickles

Also went off to the Allotment Assoc. meeting – we are so lucky to have allotment owners running our allotments instead of the Council. We are able to make decisions that will benefit the tenants and get things done so much quicker.

Off for a craft day before the term starts and then must visit the lottie to check on beans and pumkins, butternut and celeriac.


We’re jamin’

Makes me want to make jam again.

What jam can I make now?

Pumpkin, blackberry, courgette?

Going up to the plot to pick beans and tidy up a bit. Had some lovely french beans which I have saved some to dry out and plant again for next season. Might pull up the purple sprouting which was so tough im not going to eat it now. Pick some kohlrabi for tea.

Got a social get together on Sunday with fellow lottietts. (I love that – sounds like we could be in greece the musical) im taking my beautiful strawberry jam. Just wish i had made more.

Heaven food

You got blackberries…..

And you got gorgeous cooking apples….

Put them together and what have you got? 


Big job but worth it.

Saw 36 paving slabs outside someone house and so asked if they were getting rid of them. Borrowed a van and some muscle and now have paths between my beds. Some would say it’s wasted space however for me it is perfect. 

Happy ๐Ÿ˜ bunny ๐Ÿ‡