Asparagus peas!

At last after planting these several weeks ago – I can see some flowers. Beautiful dark purple flowers (well 4)  so I may at long last get some pods!  Fingers crossed. Looking forward to trying them when they eventually get to this big! :mrgreen:e_989-1

:?:?😩😩:?:? so I wait and wait and eventually I get 2 asparagus pea pods looking just like these pictures…. so I grab them and should have waited to cook them…. but no I bit into the juicy little pod raw (about an inch and a half long) 😝😝😝😝😝😝it was orrible! Bitter and tasted of nothing other than bitter!  I am going to take the other 2 pods and cook in butter as suggested before I pass complete judgement! 

Just a note to share my thoughts of July…..

So I really want my allotment to be full of:

1. things that are expensive to buy (purple sprouting, asparagus, brukale)

2. that are so gorgeous straight out the ground or off the plant (new potatoes, French beans, tomatoes, raspberries and strawberries) 

3. and the unusual – asparagus peas, kohl rabi, sapphire, coloured old fashioned beetroot and white strawberries.

I was given bean and broad bean plants and I’ve just sat and enjoyed a plateful of lovely green beans. I’m growing celeriac and butternut, courgette and pumpkin. Even have tomatoes in the ground, rainbow chard and garlic (be them small) 

😀 This season I have got all these things but not in abundance….so as each year goes by I realise there is an art to growing fruit and veg. 

I must start recording the seeds and which ones grow well like my bargain radish from Lidl. 

New early potatoes did not get watered enough so not vey swollen at all although they taste yummy. My Jerusalem artichoke are constantly looking for water as I put them in a container to stop them from spreading. 

I am excited about setting up my asparagus bed and hope it works.

This season I did not grow corn and my carrots were not very successful – but when you write it all down, you realise what a great season so far you have had. 
 I do have an advantage this next season as now I have a greenhouse. So as we come into the abundance season I have made strawberry jam, gooseberry jam,  roasted tomato chutney and green bean chutney already…..

❤️ I LOVE HAVING AND ALLOTMENT ❤️ and love the people I have met. I have organised social bits where we now have a pizza oven on site and a picnic bench to sit and enjoy the people with similar interests.  I can’t wait to share produce where I have too much, with the local food bank. 👍🌱👍

Virus time

I have had a peculiar virus that has wiped me out for sometime. I have taught myself how to make socks from toe up. 

I have had some time up at the allotment but missed so much of the growing session. I did go and buy several plants at the garden centre as the few plants I did plant have been eaten by slugs!  😯

So I have some beans and tons of beautiful strawberries, 3 butternut plants and some piddly potatoes.

I have 5 tomato plants in and they are outside this year. I have got kohl rabi in the ground and thanks to Claire, have realised that even the split ones are ok to harvest and eat. I have purple sprouting and Brukale growing nicely which I did net. 

But the most exciting of the year is…. i set up an asparagus bed. I love agparagus and can not wait to be able to harvest in 2 years. Baby plants bought from garden centre.