product_2547_thumb  Caldero chillies – I’m nervous about chillies – so going for a mild sweet one.  Want to start these off (went to a mate who told me I could start these now on the window sill.) Come on order – do hurry.

product_9341_thumb  Burpees Golden Beets – love beets and got some good ones from the plot but the redness bugs me so got yellow ones for this season.

product_1957_thumb  Beetroot Cylindra – fancy having beetroot crisps and thought these would be a good thing. Looking forward to growing these.

product_2283_thumb  Atlas Carrots – Not really a fan of carrots but grew these and loved them last season – sweet and one bite great for snacks and loved by children.

A9FAF3D093DC49ADA52753F059E9DF4E Biquinho Chilli – from Brazil to grow indoors – translated means little beaks.  A small round sunshine yellow pepper has the aromatic flavour of a chilli pepper but without the intense heat – make good chilli jam.

e_989-1 Asparagus Peas – not related to asparagus or the pea but has the flavour and texture of asparagus – produces compact plants with winged pods which follow maroon flowers and should be picked at 1cm long.

$_35 Elena Soya Bean – best soya bean for British climate.