Little shoots

Chits are appearimg on my spuds 😃


Let the chitting begin.

I was so unaware, when visiting a National Trust house last summer, that these potatoes are infact jersery royals but can only be called that if grown in Jersey…. so they are called International Kidneys…. but looking forward to trying them after Ive grown them. 

A friend gave me Pink Fir apples – loved them so ordered these. I want to plant in allotment but tempted to put in potato bags – might do both to see what happens. 

Let the season begin…… 

New to me….

Anya seed potatoes just arrived ready for chitting.

Bred from the famed Pink Fir Apple, this outstanding variety is ready to harvest around 3 months earlier, so there is no need to wait for those firm, waxy tubers with that distinctive, rather nutty taste. Anya’s tubers are also smoother and much less knobbly perfect served peeled or unpeeled, hot or cold.  Plants are highly resistant to scab. An Albert Bartlett variety. 

Just had a little reminisce……

Just spent the last few minutes looking back on all my posts about my allotment – what a fantastic journey and I’ve learnt so much but still got so much to learn.

Great to have all those pictures to look at and didn’t realise that I had planted chilies so early in February last year.

Must get going for this season and get those potatoes on the windowsill chitin.

Happy 2017 season and we come!

Only gone and bought a …..

 So I try to use everything from The allotment and I try and freeze as much as I can but I still have a glut so I thought I’d try… A dehydrator. I’m new to this as I am still new to my allotment really however I thought I’d give it a go. I have looked up on the Internet all the foods that you can dry out and I’m really looking forward to trying some in particular kale to make kale chips. I can use all the excess apples and I can try all sorts of vegetable crisps – watch this space. Been reading up on this website and looking forward to making some jerky but the main reason for this is to use the things I grow my allotment and be able to keep them longer. Exciting stuff. Lots of good stuff.

anyone else got one or use one? Please share your ideas with this novice.

My eggs

My white leghorns give beautiful big white eggs nearly every day come rain or shine with beautiful orange yolks. Never had a double yet but here’s hoping. 

The middle size egg comes from my cute friendly Japanese Bantom with same size yolk and less white which are great for dippy dippy eggs.I didn’t know yolks were the same size regardless of the chicken until someone informed me.

And then there is my Silkie! Think she may be coming to the end of her laying days. She has laid soft shell eggs for a few weeks now and yesterday produced the smallest egg I have ever seen. 

Anybody else had this?