Potting on🌱

Lovely time of the season potting on these little seeds…. 🌱 now you get a little plant to grow and nurture and protect from the  ⛅🌞🌀🌨️🌞🐌🐛🐌🦋🤔

It always grieves me to plant a seed tray full and then hope for the best and then only plant a handful of successful plants  I try to give them away but my thinking is … How do you not waste all this little seedlings when you only want about 6/8 plants ??  If you don’t plant enough you may not always be successful and if you plant too many you have to waste so many.

So potted on piccilo tomatoes, Greyhound cabbages and my lovely peas seedlings into the ground yesterday. IMG_20190324_090815_839

As well as get in with my lovely beach hut in my garden  The best piece of furniture has to be the pallet sofa. ♥️ This was last night  Added a couple of cheapy solar blue lights and this was the result  I love it  I’m sure in a former life I was a mermaid. 😁🧜‍♀️




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