Virus time

I have had a peculiar virus that has wiped me out for sometime. I have taught myself how to make socks from toe up. 

I have had some time up at the allotment but missed so much of the growing session. I did go and buy several plants at the garden centre as the few plants I did plant have been eaten by slugs!  😯

So I have some beans and tons of beautiful strawberries, 3 butternut plants and some piddly potatoes.

I have 5 tomato plants in and they are outside this year. I have got kohl rabi in the ground and thanks to Claire, have realised that even the split ones are ok to harvest and eat. I have purple sprouting and Brukale growing nicely which I did net. 

But the most exciting of the year is…. i set up an asparagus bed. I love agparagus and can not wait to be able to harvest in 2 years. Baby plants bought from garden centre.


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