Lots of jobs on the plot in May 2016


Sometimes I don’t need to write anything as I am just happy with what my pictures tell me.  I have had such a great bunch of people helping me out at the plot. A lend of a Postman Pat van transported the slabs, man power helped me lay them on the paths and someone else is coming to lay black fabric and then skim the earth and lay it flat. I do make lots of coffee and tea and even a tomato cup-a-soup the other day.  *I always make sure I have a mug shot or cup-a-soup in the store tin in case I get carried away with doing things and don’t want to go home for it.

I have still been thinking that I might want a bigger plot but the more I do to my plot and get plants and bushes in and established, the more I think I would not want to leave it. The pain staking moving of 2 big gooseberry bushes with thorns and all, to my plot – going to visit my friends allotment and digging up raspberry canes and planting them – they are now showing signs of life – for starting the asparagus bed that I always wanted and should be able to take a few spears next year as I have bought a couple of established plants – moving raised beds from a friend and using it for salad growing.

So, although I think I might want a bigger plot (only have a half plot), I don’t think I do as I have a plot big enough for me and my son to grow things that are expensive to buy or unusual) and …… I am right in the middle of the site so get to see everyone for a chat.  Now that is the reason I don’t want to move !!!!!! 

I am right in the middle on the main pathway through the plots from both ways.



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