It’s been awhile

My goodness how those weeds grow… well it’s not the weeds but grass – as high as the sky. Been up the allotment and slowly (coz got a chest infection now!) Worked to clear some weeds and grass.
Had a lots of visits from plot holders and made several cups of tea on my stove and lovely bright green metalic kettle.
Poached egg plants are growing under the canes ready for beans.
Jersulem artichokes are looking really healthy in grow boxes. First earlies are showing greenery so covered up with more soil and a little sprinkle of fertiliser.
Removed various slugs and caterpillars and filled the incinerator.


3 thoughts on “It’s been awhile

  1. Yes, all that rain sure made the weeds grow. Look after yourself with a chest infection. I didn’t once and ended up with Bronchitis, not fun at all. Little and often is the best thing when your up the allotment. Listen to your body, if it tells you to stop and sit down, do it!!

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