March sowings

Tomato plants – sow in a propagator on the window sill. This year I am going to have a go with the free seeds I got with GYO mag. Last year I  bought plants and did not really have much luck except with yellow cherry tomatoes – the rest did not really go red and got brown marks on the base which I later found out was tomato rot. (Lack of consistent watering)  blossom-end-rot

…so I read up on it, especially to find out why and how can I prevent it happening again.  Used coffee and crushed egg shells are supposed to stop it. Also this year I am going to stand my grow bag on its end and cut in half to give the plants more soil.    9151e86a0f3b14ca950faf42948df5d1

So this year I am going to try:

  1. Red Cherry – Heavy crops of sweet juicy cherry tomatoes for indoors or the greenhouse sowing now or for outside sowing in April.
  2. Principe Borghese – small egg shaped fruits that grow in bunches ideal for drying. these are best outdoors sown first on the windowsill and then out in May  It says you do not pinch out side shoots as it is a bushy variety.
  3. Red Pear – abundant cropper with pear shaped cherry tomatoes. Can be sown out in May/April avoiding frosts. See what happens.
  4. tigerella Tigerella – eye catching with great flavour. Stripey medium size fruit with excellent flavour.



Carrots – now I am not a lover or carrots however plonked some round ones in last yearchatenay-carrots and they were gourge! so am doing the same again this year planting in succession so that I can pick them and enjoy all through the season.   I am also going to plant chives all around the outside of the little cluster of carrots.

e_989-1Peas – yum yum yum! I love peas and did not have much success last year – not sure why and I used to walk past one allotment covered in them with green envy! This year I am going to grow Asparagus Pea. (Maybe I should not get too excited about these but I am and I hope they do well…. can’t wait to eat these.  Also bought some Meteor Dwarf Earlies – I am just gonna chuck them in and see what happens not getting too excited. Last year, because I started so late, I started the peas off in wet kitchen roll and I think they rotted in the ground as they were too wet.


Broad Beans – the whole allotment had problems with black fly last year so this year I am combination planting with Poached Egg Plant because the fly that is attracted to that loves to eat the black fly on beans !  I am intrigued  to see if it works – will let you know.  I loved the idea so much (from a market garden friend) that I persuaded our Allotment Association to give away small free packets to all our members at the AGM.

Brassicas, Brassicas and more Brassicas… according to allotment colleagues and Claire, it is time to sow brassicas.

  • Summer Cabbage
  • Sprouting Broccoli
  • Kohl Rabi
  • Cauliflowers – An allotment mate (the font of all knowledge) gave me 6 purple cauliflower plants which I plonked in the ground in Autumn and they are now looking straight about 6 inches tall.

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