I have not had my half plot for not even a year yet….  I have had some disasters and some successes. I love spending time (as a busy teacher) up at the allotment. We have a good community spirit and lots of chats and tea. ☕️😀

As I am on the committee of our local allotment association, I know there is a vacant plot coming up not next to me but in the back diagoginal position. Now I still have not got all my beds up and running as yet on my half plot however I know plots come up very rarely….. So do I take on a full plot (be it 2 different plots) so that I can really give it a go this year with squash and pumpkins etc. Which I love. My half plot…. But do I need more?  😝🍓🌽🌶🍠🍐🍎🌱🌿🍃🌻🎃🐝🐛🐜🐞🐌😊


3 thoughts on “Dilemma 

  1. I would suggest taking it! Cover with black plastic and then plant half of it with fruit bushes. Keeping the black plastic on the soil and covering with wood chips. The other half keep covered and roll back the plastic when you are ready to dig it over, then cover with Pumpkins, Marrows, Squash and Courgettes.

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  2. Yes I’m agreeing with previous comments. Take it. You will likely end up kicking yourself if you don’t.

    I took a full size plot as I knew I had aspirations for the area. I’m only half way up mine but it’s a journey t the end of the day. I’m sure you will love the ability to expand your produce when one half plot is fully functioning!

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