More buys

Got a window sill propagator from Poundies for £2.99 perfect for the chillies. Moved them all over to the kitchen windowsill now.

PNI0686_lrgBeen out and bought a spring variety – French medium flavour Garlic – Arno. 2012-11-14_16.59.45_-_French_Garlic_Arno_resized_for_P_R_website_2_large

Do love a bit of garlic.  1 inch deep and 4 inches apart. Next job to get it in as soon as I can on the allotment.


Started off a pumpkin grow off at the allotment.


Great fun. Ordered 30 seeds to see if we can get a fun community project and then have a soup night to use all the pumpkins….. So far response has been great.

Posted in Allotment Group (Witney) we are going for April Fools day planting.



So immediately the sun shines and I start getting excited about growing things.

Today’s order…. (Keep me away from those seed catalogues)

Sarpo Mira potatoes (second earlies) while my Red Duke of York earlier are chitting.

Ordered Nemaslug for a tenner to see if it helps keep those slugs down naturally and organically and supposed to be very effective.


Ordered 8x 1500 packets of Poached Egg Plants as a free give away to all our allotment tenants to grow under beans to encourage combination planting.


Grow Your Own Magazine

Arrives today with 4 seed packets free – all different tomatoes.

But what is exciting as you turn the pages is…… March is on its way to start growing and this time last year I didn’t even have my allotment. I hope I have a good season.

I desperately need to get to the lottie to get the shed roof sorted. A mate was hoping to fix it but it’s up to me now so I am going to face my fears and get up a ladder otherwise it will rot away in this rain – it is very wet. Cross fingers I can save it.

I have decided I am not going to put my Jerusalem artichokes in the ground but do want to use them as a wind break, so they are going in a black deep box. Looks like small raised bed. Let’s see what happens.image