Only allotmenteers would mind a photo like this going on line ……. wet, windy and muddy day up at the allotment but a happy one

Grow Your Own Magazine

Arrives today with 4 seed packets free – all different tomatoes.

But what is exciting as you turn the pages is…… March is on its way to start growing and this time last year I didn’t even have my allotment. I hope I have a good season.

I desperately need to get to the lottie to get the shed roof sorted. A mate was hoping to fix it but it’s up to me now so I am going to face my fears and get up a ladder otherwise it will rot away in this rain – it is very wet. Cross fingers I can save it.

I have decided I am not going to put my Jerusalem artichokes in the ground but do want to use them as a wind break, so they are going in a black deep box. Looks like small raised bed. Let’s see what happens.image