Order Order !

OH NO ….. seed catalogues arriving in the droves! #happyface

product_8341_thumb    I have ordered several squash seeds this season – I love squash and want to grow lots so I decided to go with Spaghetti squash as is different from other squash for it has unique flesh which, when scooped out, forms strands much like spaghetti.(I saw this being tasted on my favourite programme “BeachGrove Garden” http://www.beechgrove.co.uk/)  The flavour is delicious and sweet and an unusual texture.  Easy squash to grow, it thrives if planted in the ground as well as in a container. They also have good storage potential and will last up to 2 months. Sow indoors from April or outdoors from June you can expect a harvest from July to end October.

product_2572_thumb I also ordered Festival squash – yum yum. This trailing variety can be grown up supports if required. It produces fruit the size of large grapefruit which are ideal roasted.

product_6126_thumb  and one other (determined to get some this season – so maybe gone a bit over the top) Hurricane.


from http://www.marshalls-seeds.co.uk/

I am still going to grow them upwards – now I saw on Pinterest that you could grow squash upwards and got some great bamboo canes. The idea is that you grow them within the the upside down bamboo and they grow around and up….

2015-05-26 22.38.47 It worked but I forgot to keep a record of the growth however only got 2 butternuts. So will do that again and also grown up an A frame to save some space on the plot.  Watch this space – I love squash so hence growing lots.

Exciting buy …..

product_4727_thumb  Potato bags which I have been looking at for awhile as I am finding straggler potatoes on my plot that have reseeded so I am going to only grow Charlotte New Pots in a bag. Decided on this as I don’t get through that many potatoes but do love New Pots.



3 thoughts on “Order Order !

  1. Interesting. I’m a bit short on space so I’m planning to try growing squash vertically this year. Pleased to hear you’ve had some success with this approach.

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