Potatoes and chitting

imageCouple of years ago would not have a clue what chitting potatoes meant.

Got excited at our latest soup night tonight as we talked chitting.

Came home immediately and turned my potatoes so they were up the right way (didn’t even know there was a bottom and a top) to enable them to chit. So I have got my egg tray and laid my potatoes but they were not all the right way.  Now  my mate suggested the best potato is ‘Sarpo Mira’ bred in Hungry almost blight resistant and a lovely floury potato, as he gave me one to try. Good keepers too. So I am going to give them a try in potato bags with bog standard compost. So let’s get chitting. Ordered the crop and watch this space. Yet more learnt today. 😀

Well look what I found ….


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