Winters Tale

Visiting the allotment in the winter can be a dull and dark place, but I just keep thinking what it will become.

On reflection on last year, I will do things differently. I will need to make my earth good for growing. As mentioned before I have layered some horse poo, and as a chicken owner, I have saved all the lovely poo to spread on my plot. I have started compost bins (x2) so that will help too. I am only grateful I have my mate to give me wonderful advice on all his knowledge.

So to reflect…. don’t expect perfection in your organic crops. I got all shapes and sizes of parsnips – but I did get parnips and very proud of them too. I got handfuls of gooseberries, a handful of tomatoes (they did not go red in the end so made green tomato chutney) and have had a few onions.

Next growing season I am going to start early and learn how to use my plot to the best I can. I am going to try ‘no dig’ as I have a few aches and pains now…. so need to save myself. I have got a camping stove and kettle up there so the world is good.  I intend to take as many pictures as possible of my journey and share my thoughts.

I hope to pick up some followers to the blog to share my experience. Might even share a few jokes or two!

Happy New Year and here is to a great new growing season (soon) and a journey to enjoy.


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