Soup night

So this is something that has started since I met some great people down on the allotment. Soup consists of: one person bring soup made from produce from the plot, one home made bread and one a pudding of some sort and so on. I’m taking Mulled Wine tonight.
This will be the third get together since the summer days….. before soup night we had ‘plonk on the plot’.
Plonk on the plot came about by me setting up a Facebook page and RM bringing together the allotment community in one place to appreciate what we love – feeding ourselves from the plot.


The intention of the facebook page was to share excess produce and chat about what we were all up to – to be honest I also thought I could ask for help from some experts.
(Facebook page has 52 members to date from all 3 sites in my town – Allotment Group (Witney) where ‘plonk on the plot’ was born!




When the summer days were around – we had sweetcorn and potatoes cooked from our plot.

NOW THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF I DREAMED WOULD HAPPEN ON ALLOTMENTS – HOWEVER NEVER IMAGINED IT WOULD HAPPEN SO FAST INTO MY JOURNEY. Nor did I realise I would meet some amazing people who I see nearly every week, all with the same interests.
Having missed the sunny days we even got together in the cold nights with fires and jacket potatoes.

image20150927_194734.jpgDrinking home made soup and warming it in my Dutch oven.
Arh! Life on the lottie is good.


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