Let’s start at the very beginning…

So I have never been into gardening or too fused about gardening to be honest. I arrived on a lovely late April morning at my little plot. A half plot, that seemed huge to me. I started by digging and clearing and then stood back after many many hours, to admire an empty plot with 3 beds!

My thoughts only at this point was – as long as I can get vegetables for my Christmas  dinner, I would be happy.

My first plant was brussel sprouts from the garden centre along with sprouting broccoli. I bought dry peas and runner beans which I placed in my sprouter to start them off (the peas and beans)  thinking that I would get them started off so that they had a head start in the ground.  All that did was make them rot in the ground as they were too wet!  That was my first disappointment – thinking I would be picking fresh peas in no time – but it didn’t quite work out like that. I also thought that everything had to have sticks to help them grow…. there were bamboo canes everywhere!

allotment 2015
Canes for broccoli/ canes for runners/ canes for broad beans/ canes for peas/ canes for butternut squash! (now that’s another story!)




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